Our Guide to Honeymoon in US Virgin Islands for 2021

Wedding preps are fully swing, and you’re ready to form it official. Now, it’s time to make a decision where you and the one that you love would really like to unwind after the large day is over. Getting away to an idyllic destination for brand spanking new beginnings is one among the foremost preferred ways to spend honeymoon vacations. The islands perhaps are the foremost favorite among newlyweds. Not trying to find clichéd honeymoon island destinations? Inspect the US Virgin Islands–a cluster of islands located within the Caribbean for a romantic, serene, and secluded time away together with your spouse. Here’s a brief guide about this gorgeous destination for a honeymoon getaway.

US Virgin Islands are located faraway from the mainland of the USA. It’s located within the Caribbean within the Virgin Island Archipelago. This cluster of around 50 islands form parts of the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. Being on the brink of the South American territory, the islands have a tropical charm to them, and therefore the most prominent islands to go to are St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas.

The US Virgin Islands are a neighborhood of the US of America, hence all travel formalities that are required to enter the USA will apply for the US Virgin Islands visitor. For a US citizen, there’s no need for a US visa. However, for non-citizens, a US visa is required to enter the islands. The US Virgin Islands lay on the brink of British Virgin Islands. If you’re keen on an island-hopping vacation and searching forward to crossover to British Islands, then your travel documentation and formalities would require a UK visa also. US nationals can enter with their valid passport. Check for Covid-19 related travel procedures before you proceed with travel planning and visa processing.

Best time to go to Revel in the tropical sunshine from April to mid-June; the climate is breezy, mild, and excellent for outdoor experiences. because the islands are located within the Caribbean, the US Virgin Islands are susceptible to hurricanes, and it’s best to avoid visiting during hurricane season – from July to October. Be prepared for light drizzles and sudden rains which are a standard occurrence within the islands throughout the year.

Pick any of the three. All the tourist islands of the US Virgin Islands have something exciting to supply. Sheathed in brilliant clear-blue waters and refreshing white sandy beaches dotted with lush woodlands, the islands are perfect to melt away the marriage stress and spend quality time together with your spouse in pristine surroundings.

Croix Island: The largest island within the US Virgin Islands, St Croix presents a medley of Danish and American culture blended seamlessly in laid-back beach settings. If you’re trying to find a touch of adventure on your romantic interlude, then St Croix is that the perfect place to enjoy aquatics adventures like skin diving , snorkeling, and kayaking to call a couple of . 

Thomas Island: St. Thomas Island is understood because the gateway island as most ferries and flights function on this island. Aside from the pristine blue waters lapping up white sandy shores, the island offers a desirable assortment of upscale resorts and luxury hotels. it’s a haven for food lovers who would like to delve into Mexican, American, and Caribbean culinary treats. The island is crowded than the opposite two main islands and hence it’s better to remain for each day to buy and dine at the harbour towns, and luxuriate in the nightlife along the natural bays. Don’t forget to incorporate a sunset cruise and a gondola Skyride to Paradise point to witness a jaw-dropping bird’s eye view of this breath-taking island.

John Island: Take advantage of the secluded beaches and tranquil ambience of St John Island – the littlest island of the three main US Virgin Islands . The stunning natural beauty will leave you enchanted and tempt you to never leave this paradisaical destination. The mountainous verdant wilderness offers stellar hiking trails and therefore the warm shallow waters of Cinnamon Bay are fantastic diving and snorkeling spots. You’ll reach St. John island with a 30-minute ferry ride from St. Thomas Island.

Enjoy a singular romantic escape. Step into US soil that resembles nothing just like the typical American setting. The US Virgin Islands stands in contrast to USA’s topography and lifestyle. Set faraway from mainland USA, scattered within the Caribbean , US Virgin Islands offers the simplest of slow-paced Islander life.

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